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What does B Corp Mean?

At nutricare, we are proud to be a certified B Corporation, globally recognised as delivering the highest standard for corporate and social responsibility, since our certification in January 2019. B Corp businesses are certified companies, that use the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. We are thought leaders in our respective fields, and in prioritising profit with purpose.

What's in a score?

Through the B Corp application process, we answer a series of in depth questions that analyse operational processes and everyday commitments to the way we run our business. The score that's generated is what determines us a B Corp, against the industry standard. By committing to engaging in this process, we agree to a level of transparency that is publicy available on the B Corp website. We believe this helps us to be held accountable for our practises and decisions, and most importantly create the framework for us to improve and grow.


We have extensive certifications to hold us to the highest production and operational standards. Need to know more?


Our new products team is constantly researching and developing additions to our range, across multiple categories.


We regularly donate to local communities and choose to plant trees through Trees For The Future so that other communities can grow.