Green Friday 2021

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We get it... online sales and ''ONCE A YEAR'' discounts are hard to pass up.

At Nutricare we're not saying 'don't shop', we're just suggesting this year, think about what you actually need and switch your internal narrative to a more conscious level of consumerism. 

As stated on the site:

"Finder’s recent survey of 1,015 Australians reveals that 46% – equivalent to 8.9 million Australians – plan on shopping this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. A vast quantity of these Australians are likely to experience some form of ‘shopper’s remorse’ following this veritable ‘binge’ period.

Green Friday is a reactive movement flipping the narrative on the chaotic consumption period, with a driving ethos of shopping with consideration and mindfulness. The project implores consumers to resist the urgency and frenzied mania of the November sales sprint to instead slowly (and consciously) peruse sustainable and ethical brands. It’s the proverbial riot against the mass-waste aftermath of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday scramble, as many consumers purchase with impulse in lieu of thoughtfulness" 

Some tips: 

1) Support local - it's been a wild 2 years for the retail landscape, and it's up to us to put our money where our mouths are. Shopping locally not only supports the small businesses, but reduces carbon footprint from lengthy shipping. And if you're not shopping there's other things you can do to show your support - like simply engaging/liking their social posts - or sharing their range with a friend.

2) Consider the cause - do your research about what the company stands for, the ethos behind them and if your purchase is going to make a positive or negative impact. By digging deeper, what you find may surprise you. 

3) Prioritise shipping and packaging - 
According to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, extra holiday waste amounts to 25 million tons of garbage, or about one million extra tons per week.  Plan ahead to combine shipments, and shop from places that don't allow for excessive packaging or plastic waste. 


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